Trump's Popularity Reaches A Historic Low

Donald Trump

According to a newly-conducted Gallup poll, the approval rating for President Donald Trump have reached a new low - 37 percent.

According to the poll, which surveyed 1,073 adults between March 3 and March 11 with a margin of error of three percent, virtually all of Trump's staff and cabinet appointments had a higher percentage that disapproved than approved of their early job performance. Bill Clinton also experienced a 37 percent approval rating (the lowest of his presidency) in his first year but not until June 1993.

President Donald Trump has a ratings problem, and we're not talking about the New Celebrity Apprentice.

Compared to recent past president, Trump lags behind former President Obama whose approval rating at the same point during his first term was 62 percent, and former President George W. Bush, who was at 58 percent. "If Trump accomplishes what his predecessors could not by negotiating a peace deal, this could certainly affect his approval rating not only among American Jews but among all national adults". Last week his approval rating stood at 45%.

Former President Barack Obama never fell below a 38 percent approval rating during his eight years in the White House and averaged an nearly 48 percent approval throughout his presidency, according to Politico.

The hosts of New Day were speaking with Philip Rucker on Monday morning in order to discuss the upcoming House Intelligence Committee meeting over the president's claims of being wiretapped. Trump keeps pushing for his big, attractive border wall in the south for which Mexico has no intention of paying, despite the president's pledges to the contrary.

Trump also jumped right in tackling some of the bolder items on his agenda, issues certain to stir up controversy.

This means that fewer than 4 in 10 Americans approve of the job Trump is doing as President of the United States.

Like most other polling outlets, CNN's polling did not predict a Trump victory in November.