1.2 millon watch birth

April the giraffe looking into the live camera

April is in labor and the baby giraffe is on its way out.

At least 1.2 million people watched the Adventure Park's YouTube stream.

April went to labor at around 7:35 a.m. Remember, the Giraffe Cam was not set-up to capture an immediate birth - it was set-up to capture a process.

"A giraffe has thick skin, a pretty compact body, it's a lot harder to find the baby when it's small", Melissa McCartney, a hoofstock keeper at Sacramento Zoo, told the local news outlet KCRA. "The flawless ending. April - waited for April!" Saturday's birth should alleviate those criticisms. The new addition's six-foot-fall to the ground was a normal occurerence, keepers said. In a time of great uncertainty and change, April is providing hope, light and a handsome distraction from an increasingly complicated world.

In a time of increasing uncertainty and change, one giraffe is giving hope to millions. April will raise her calf naturally, and weaning could take between 6 to 10 months, maybe longer. Fans created a website dedicated to April and one admirer was even inspired to pen a song titled "I'm Going Crazy Waiting (For A Giraffe)" in honour of the mother-to-be.

A contest will be held to decide on a name for the calf.

Why is Oliver kept separate from April?

It's the birth announcement eager fans have been waiting for: April the giraffe has finally (finally) given birth.

The livestream became the subject of more controversy as the zoo began to more actively monetize the pregnancy.

The calf arrived on the day income taxes are traditionally due in the United States (though this year they're due on April 18), so get your tax-related names ready for the eventual online naming contest.

Check out April and her babyhere.

April's popularity led to a sponsorship from Toys "R" Us, which has long featured the fictional "Geoffrey the Giraffe" as its mascot.

Animal Adventure Park is now in its off-season and the park is closed to visitors.

Male giraffes instinctively care about three things - mating, fighting and eating.

The YouTube livestream shows more than 600,000 were watching the blessed event Saturday morning.

This is April's fourth calf, but Animal Adventure Park's first giraffe calf.

The little giraffe won't be all that little. Baby giraffes can weigh up to 150 lbs and are as tall as the average man at birth.

The feed was earlier removed by YouTube after it was labeled sexually explicit.

Though it's unclear who was truly to blame, some animal rights activists have expressed concern for April's situation.