AT&T Will Offer HBO Free To "Unlimited Plus" Wireless Customers

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The deal starts Thursday, and is eligible for new and existing AT&T customers. To entice its subscribers to add TV service, for example, AT&T offers its Unlimited Plus customers a $25 discount on DirecTV.

"Our customers want wireless entertainment on their terms, and we're going to deliver", said AT&T Entertainment Group Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher.

We're starting to see why AT&T plans to acquire Time Warner.

Additionally, Unlimited Plus customers will receive a $25 monthly credit that can be used towards DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW, or AT&T U-verse. It's also likely to raise concerns related to net neutrality, or the principle that internet providers like AT&T should not give preferential treatment to certain services, particularly ones it owns.

With AT&T's Unlimited Plus plan, customers receive unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as 10GB of tethering data. The $5 price is well below the typical fee that cable operators charge, and below the $15 a month that the company charges for its direct-to-consumer HBO Now streaming service. But a word to the wise; subscribers consuming more than 22GB of data each month could end up with their data speed throttled. The move would marry a telecom giant with a media powerhouse and potentially pave the way toward more content and service bundles like the combination of AT&T's Unlimited Plus plan and HBO. The "Live a Little" line-up does include the leading basic sports channels.