Auto crashing into big rig snarls Cajon Pass traffic

Big Rig Seen Dragging Car Along Highway for A Half Mile After Accident

When Steimke pulled up alongside the vehicle, he discovered the Nissan's driver still in the driver's seat, waving frantically for someone to stop the truck.

The video, which was uploaded to Facebook, showed major damage to the passenger side of the vehicle. The driver in the sedan can be seen waving his hands for help behind a shattered windshield and crushed hood.

The windshield was also destroyed and the airbags had deployed as smoke spewed from the auto while it was being dragged down the freeway.

It doesn't take very long for new drivers to grow accustomed to sharing the road with semi-trucks.

'Why were you driving so far?' Steimke asked the man, who hasn't been identified.

One driver recently found that out the hard way, when he wound up having his vehicle tangled up with the rear end of a semi-truck.and then was reportedly dragged possibly as far as four miles, according to the video's description.

After the truck pulled over, Steimke could be seen approaching the truck driver, demanding why he kept driving when there was clearly a auto stuck to his truck.

"What do you mean?"

Steimke told the trucker that he needed to get out of the big rig before walking to check on the driver of the Nissan.