Coffman defiant at jeers during town hall

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Rep. Mike Coffman made headlines Wednesday when he said that White House press secretary Sean Spicer "needs to go", but the five-term Congressman from Colorado's first in-person town hall of the year saw much more of a focus from those in attendance on the ongoing debate over the USA health care system.

"I believe a lot of people who want to talk to their congressman will be screened out".

"Those of you on the extreme left will never be satisfied", Coffman lamented.

"When something is now done in state law, I don't want to take it to the federal level", he said at one point.

Taxes came up frequently and some other questions focused on climate change, gun control and the investigation into the Veterans Administration.

Coffman did the same thing during his town hall meeting after saying Spicer should resign.

Coffman's answers: He would support a law that president's have to release their tax returns, and, "I think if he is not honest about his disclosure", then the Emoluments Clause could be an issue. "H$3 e was incompetent in his delivery and I think he's obviously serving the president poorly and oughta go".

Spicer has come under sharp criticism since countless Jews were killed in gas chambers during the Holocaust.

Coffman does not usually hold in-person town hall events, instead choosing to do one-on-one constituent meetings in public places in his district when he's home.

But Coffman on Wednesday tried to find ways to meet Democrats in the audience and Republicans who are not pleased with Trump somewhere in the middle - something he did during the 2016 election but which has been mostly forgotten after his support for the AHCA.

"When the majority of your constituents input to you strongly disagrees with the Republican party position on notable issues, what will it take for you to vote with your constituents?", asked one women. Activists swarmed an event in January and Coffman had to leave out a back entrance.

Attendees had to order tickets and their questions were chosen by a lottery.

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Democrats, for their part, have felt the heat from anti-Trump constituents at town halls and are also taking precautions. Though progressive groups protested Coffman both before and after the event, it's unclear if any of the people who showed up exclusively to protest asked questions inside.

Fighting to speak over boos from the audience, Coffman said environmental policy should be coupled with the country's trade policy. His swing district has slightly more Democrats than Republicans, and he is always a top target in elections. The South Carolina representative who shouted "You Lie" at President Barack Obama during a joint session of Congress was on the receiving end of the same words in his district this week.

One man who identified himself as a registered Republican stood up at Wednesday's town hall to say he was "shocked" to learn of Coffman's support for wholesale repeal of Obamacare.

She noted that a Democratic state lawmaker who may challenge Coffman in 2018 planned to hold a town hall on the same campus Wednesday evening with no restrictions on attendance or questions.

Critics of the Republican have accused him of dodging constituents for months. "I think we need to fix it".