Derek Jeter Has Interest In Purchasing Marlins

Feb 19 2016 Greenville SC USA Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush speaks to supporters at the Kroc Center. Mandatory Credit Heidi Heilbrunn  The Greenville News via USA TODAY NETWORK

According to the Fox Business report, Jeter is part of one of three groups that have expressed interest in purchasing Miami's National League franchise.

Marlins officials would neither confirm nor deny the reports. Major League Baseball is also aware of the report. This group involves a number of businessmen who have gained financial backing from Goldman Sachs (GS), which has one of the best investment banking franchises with a focus on sports.

At least two other familiar political names have also been floated in talks of a possible sale.

The Kushner family later backed out of the deal after current Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria was named as a candidate for an ambassadorship from Trump.

As for Jeter, 42, he retired from the Yankees following the 2014 season and in a couple of years will go into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

The former Florida governor expressed interest in ownership of the Marlins in 2013.

Mattingly said they speak about once a year.

While the Marlins could never get Derek Jeter on the field in uniform, they may soon have him in the owner's box.

Though it's unusual to imagine him not associated with the Yankees, Jeter makes sense as the new ownership face of the Marlins for a few reasons.

Bush's brother, former President George W. Bush, owned the Texas Rangers before becoming president. Mike Ozanian of Forbes reported in February there was a "handshake agreement" worth $1.6 billion.

Loria purchased the Marlins in 2002 for $158 million and should make a significant return on his investment due to the scarcity of Major League Baseball teams. And very likely neither does the other fellow named in the story as being linked with Jeter, a banker named Greg Fleming.