Dortmund's injured Bartra out for four weeks after bus attack

Sahin Until I was on the pitch I didn't think about football

Three explosions rocked the Dortmund team coach as it made its way to Signal Iduna Park ahead of Tuesday's planned kick-off, forcing the match to be postponed until Wednesday.

Dortmund staff and fans protested last night after Uefa rescheduled the match for just 24 hours after the triple blast.

Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel hit out at UEFA's decision to order his side to play their quarter-final against Monaco a day after nail bombs narrowly failed to inflict catastrophic damage on the Bundesliga stars. "I knew that there would be a chance to take, and it was the second goal". "Because last night I didn't realize what happened, and when I was at home and my wife and my son were waiting in front of the door, there I felt how lucky we were", the visibly shaken Sahin told former Norway worldwide Jan Aage Fjortoft, now a journalist.

"Schmelzer told me it was the lowest point in the mood of the players when they heard about in a [police] press conference how metal nails were found in one of the headrests". We're all with Bartra, we know it's hard for him like for all the Dortmund players.

'To the thousands and thousands of people, the media and organisations, to Borussia Dortmund and my team-mates, who have given me all their love and support.

"I watched the game yesterday and I can 100 per cent understand both sides, how it was hard to find another date in this really tight schedule".

"I'm a player, when you're under pressure, you have to keep a clear head, be calm. We only had 15 players available in the squad", Tuchel said after the game.

"I think that the shock is decreasing more and more and, at the same time, it adds to the desire to live, to fight, to work, to laugh, to cry, to feel, to love, to believe, to play, to train, to continue to enjoy my people, loved ones, companions, my passion, to defend, to smell the grass as I do before the game starts and motivate me". Oh yeah, when I saw Marc there and I saw Schmelle (Marcel Schmelzer), I sat next to Schmelle and I will never forget Schmelle's face. "But on the pitch, both sides gave great performances", said the Portuguese.

However, "so far the investigation has turned up no evidence that the suspect participated in the attack", they said in a statement.