Google Home could soon support multiple accounts

Google Assistant shopping lists moving from Keep to Home app starting April 10

There are a lot of things Google Home is still incapable of doing as compared to Amazon Echo, but the good news is that it is getting there sooner, rather than later. It tells users that "others in your home can get a personalized experience from your Assistant on Google Home".

Home allows users to get real-time answers including the latest on weather, traffic, sports, finance, local businesses, and more.

The accompanying Google Home app just displays a card notifying Google Home owners that multiple users are now supported, but the feature has not actually gone live yet.

One of the biggest problems with Google Home is the lack of mulit-user support. It has the Google services integrated into it, and so the users can access Gmail, PlayMusic, YouTube and a few more apps.

Google updated the Google Home app which now shows a message saying that "multiple users are now supported" on the Discover tab.

Google added this functionality earlier this year, with more than 50 Google Express retail partners, including Costco, Staples, Walgreens, and of course, the Google Store.

Google Home needs to address these concerns and add the benefits of shared access to make the new feature more useful.

The setting page reads, "The default Google Account is the account you used to set up Google Home". Besides, the users also don't know how it is going work, but there must be a technology which will recognize different voices of different users. Should we hear back, we will update this article or create a new one. Nobody wants to come home to their children having ordered sweets and toys through Google Home without their permission.

We've been waiting about a month for this, and it looks like Google Home is finally ready to start rolling out support multiple users.