Hebrew Words to Know for the Passover Holiday


A celebration of freedom is not an unfamiliar concept to Americans.

"Passover is normally a family holiday".

"We're commanded not to eat chametz or have the leavened food in our possession", Rabbi David Berk of the Clarkstown Jewish Center said.

Jews in San Diego and around the world will gather for a ritual meal called a Seder, which means order.

The Trump White House was still figuring out its Seder plans on Monday morning, but said that the Seder would take place that night, when the holiday begins. In reading the Haggadah, or stories of Exodus, they recall their history with awe for Him.

Ostensibly a celebration and commemoration of the supposed liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt, Passover is in reality an ugly reminder that religion poisons everything. "This book has developed over thousands of years, so there are a variety of different versions of this book - Haggadahs for Orthodox Jews, for feminist Jews, for reformed Jews, for vegetarian Jews!" It features Moses, through the help of God, as liberator of the Hebrew slaves, starting them on their journey to freedom in the Promised Land.

During the Seder meal Dubov said those celebrating Passover will tell the story of the exodus to the younger generation. As president, he made the White House seder a custom, inviting among others Jewish staffers and backers.

A familiar Jewish food, matzah, plays several important roles in the Seder meal. The matzah reminds us of how the Jews left Egypt in great haste without giving time for their bread to rise.

For many Jews, the weeklong Passover observances will start with two nights of special meals, or seders. "It is really a holiday of questions".

The goal of the questions is to spark discussion and learning, as teaching the story of the Exodus to children is one of the most important elements of the Seder.

"There is a lot of mystery for people who aren't familiar with it", said Kinarthy, communications co-ordinator for Kolot Mayim Reform Temple.

The statement also noted that in 2012, Obama "added a new touch" - "a video message to Jews everywhere wishing them Chag Sameach as they continue their own traditions or start new ones this Passover". "What are our responsibilities and accountabilities?" he said. Four cups of wine are drunk by the Seder symbolizing four expressions of freedom.

"In addition to being represented on our Seder plates", she noted, "we also refrain from eating any leavened products during the eight days of the holiday to honor the deprivation our biblical ancestors faced".

"So far we've eaten matzo, we've eaten gefilte fish and now we're about to have our matzo ball soup", says Jonathan Goldman.

"But people always ask, then, why is it sweet?" said Orbuch.