Loud Sex Sounds Interrupt Pro Tennis Match in Florida

American tennis player Frances Tiafoe

The two Americans were in the middle of their second set in the first-round match in Florida.

A tennis match today between Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger at the Sarasota Open was temporarily interrupted by the sounds of some fucking. At Love-15, it was Tiafoe's serve.

A woman's impressively loud moaning was echoing across the court, completely distracting both players.

Krueger attempted to silence the noises by hitting a tennis ball in the direction of the condo, drawing laughter from the small crowd as things seemed to get quiet momentarily.

Mike Cation, a broadcaster covering the match, described the sounds as coming from someone playing a pornographic video in the stands, but later it was revealed they were coming from an apartment nearby. "Oh my God", Cation said. Tiafoe yelled toward the noise.

At one point a mother tries to cover her son's ears from the noises.

Tiafoe went on to win the match, 6-3, 6-2, but the real winners in this situation is the enthusiastic couple, while the only losers are their neighbors.

Checkout the whole incident in this video right here.