Moment deer surprises man with epic takedown

Oh, deer: Canadian man tackled by deer

McCook was dropped off by a coworker in British Columbia, Canada, on April 1 when he saw a deer running straight for him.

Cary McCook, 25, had the worst April Fools Day ever.

He said that his only injury was a bit of sore shoulder.

As you can see from the above video, he didn't really have any time to react to the impending collision at all.

After McCook gets to his feet, he looks back at the vehicle, likely to see if the driver saw the insane encounter with "Bambi".

A B.C. man didn't was tacked by a deer and the whole thing was caught on video.

McCook was able to get the surveillance footage of the deer assault from the Stork Nest Inn in Smithers, B.C. McCook posted the video on Facebook and it instantly went viral. The animal head-butts him and he falls to the ground.

"I hear three gallops, I looked up and just then I see a deer fully committed in a leap of faith - and bam!"

A deer aggressively rammed into a cross country runner in November during a race in the countryside of Pennsylvania.

I get out of my truck.