Most Americans don't trust President Trump

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           Trump Approval Rating Sees Modest Rise After Military Strikes

Nearing the end of his first 100 days in office, the majority of Americans do not believe President Donald Trump keeps his promises, according to a new poll.

In February, 62 percent said they thought Mr. Trump keeps his promises, but now only 45 percent think he does, the poll found.

An Economist/YouGov poll found that just 50 or 51 percent of US adults said Trump was either a "very strong" or "somewhat strong" leader in a question about leadership qualities, dramatically down from the 61 percent he polled at soon after his inauguration. At least one poll has his approval rating on the rise, with the leader of the free world passing an important benchmark for support. That is 7 points below February's result. In fact, Clinton, Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter all saw a 3-percent drop in their inaugural approval ratings 100 days in. Only 46 percent of Americans think the president is someone who can bring about the change the country needs, down from 53 percent in February.

The poll, which was taken between April 5 and April 9, showed that Trump's ratings fell on all six presidential leadership characteristics that Gallup measures. Just 36 percent see him as "honest and trustworthy, " compared with 42 percent in February. The loss in confidence was particularly pronounced among voters ages 18 to 34 (22 percentage points), but the highest among women, with 25 percent fewer female voters saying they don't believe the president upholds his promises.

While 39 percent is still abysmally low, President Trump will no doubt see the correlation and do what he can to keep that number climbing.

The survey also found decreasing beliefs among those polled that the president cares about average people and can manage the government effectively.