Nationwide 'Tax March' protests seek release of Trump tax returns

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, of NY, has said Trump's refusal to release his returns could hinder Republicans' prospects for a rewrite of the tax code. Democrats are pushing for a vote on a bill from Rep. Anna Eshoo, a Democrat from California, which would require the president and all major-party nominees to publicly disclose their previous three years of tax returns with the Office of Government Ethics or the Federal Election Commission.

"We're seeing this as the beginning of a push against Republican and Trump tax plans", said Americans for Tax Fairness Executive Director Frank Clemente, whose group is a partner in the march.

But it was a few quick tweets, provoked by White House adviser Kellyanne Conway's claim that in electing Donald Trump, Americans showed they "didn't care" about his tax returns, that set into motion what organizers are now expecting will be more than 180 protest marches attracting tens of thousands - at least - in 48 states nationwide. Thousands are expected to attend that march, the station reports. These inflatable snow-white roosters with Trumpian gold combs and wattles flew to America by jet thanks to author Danelle Morton, a march organizer.

Schumer issued a similar warning to Trump during a conference call with reporters Tuesday, arguing Americans will be suspicious of his tax reform proposals until he releases the returns.

A protest earlier this year against US President Donald Trump's travel ban.

As a candidate and as president, Trump has refused to release his tax returns, breaking a decades-long tradition.

Organizers of the Tax March, in honor of Tax Day coming up on April 18, hope the almost 150 scheduled protests will encourage the president to release his tax returns.

"I think it's important for us, we the people, to express First Amendment rights and say we want to see them". "It tells us the story about people's priorities". "I care about transparency and conflict of interest", Taub said.

Priscilla Evans, a 25-year-old Wendy's worker from Virginia who struggles to support her family on $7.25 an hour, will give remarks Saturday at the march in Washington, D.C. "Donald Trump is hiding something", she says. In January, the president said, "You know the only ones who care about my tax returns are reporters". They showed Trump paid $38 million in taxes on more than $150 million in income. Ron Wyden and Rep. Jamie Raskin, according to a press release.

The march in Washington, D.C. "Both in terms of making sure everyone pays their fair share and also in taking public resources - our taxes - and spending them on things that make everyone flourish". "We are not only calling on him to reveal his taxes - we are demanding it". "This is true of Democrats, it's true of independents - and it's also true of Republicans", said Global Strategy Group President Jefrey Pollock.