Republicans keep Kansas House seat in special election

Democrat James Thompson a candidate for Kansas 4th Congressional District speaks during a debate in Wichita Kan. President Donald Trump stepped into a surprisingly competitive special congressional election in Kansas Mon

President Donald Trump stepped into a surprisingly competitive special congressional election in Kansas Monday, April 10, 2017, recording a get-out-the-vote call on behalf of Republican candidate Ron Estes. It's fair to say they should at least be very anxious about what Tuesday's results underscore for their party's popularity right now, even among their core voters.

"You have to let these races unfold in their unique milieu and not turn it into a partisan proxy war", Russell said.

"How much money goes into those races makes a big difference", Jarman said. In addition to the Kansas seat, Republicans are defending GOP-leaning seats in Georgia, Montana and SC - while Democrats are protecting a seat in a liberal California district.

Republican Ron Estes will be the next Congressman from Kansas following his victory Tuesday in a special election for the fourth district.

Following Georgia's primary, SC will hold a primary on May 2 for a special election on June 20.

Readers of a liberal blog have donated more than $200,000 in less than a week to the Democratic candidate in a special congressional election in Kansas. Thompson, is spending the final day of campaigning before Tuesday's election talking directly to voters.

The other is South Carolina's 5th District, north of Columbia, where party primaries are May 2 and a general election June 20.

Only Sedgwick County showed Thompson ahead of Estes. But only once did the winning candidate in the special election get a higher percentage of the vote than their party's candidate in the preceding November election.

"Beyond that, it's clear that grassroots supporters will continue to play a pivotal role in the 2018 midterms by supporting and energizing House Democratic candidates deep into the map", spokeswoman Meredith Kelly said.

"This is a district that's been reliably Republican". She said she believed his victory meant "people are holding onto the president's message".

David Carron, a 50-year-old Republican from Belle Plaine, showed up to vote in his Army uniform.

Estes claimed that the close election was proof that no Republican seat is safe, and vowed to campaign to retain his seat in 2018.

In the waning days of the campaign, Republicans pulled in U.S. Sen. "Our country needs help". Mike Pompeo was re-elected with 60 percent of the vote and served until President Trump tapped Pompeo to become CIA Director.

The contest had been a sleepy affair until last week when the campaign arm of House Republicans spent $100,000 on ads attacking Thompson at the last minute.

Trump says "Ron Estes is running TODAY for Congress in the Great State of Kansas. A wonderful guy, I need his help on Healthcare & Tax Cuts (Reform)".

Most importantly, Estes was running in a Congressional district that is decidedly red: In November, Republican Joe Pompeo won reelection in that Wichita-based district by 31 points before Donald Trump appointed him to Central Intelligence Agency director.

Republican John Estes single-digit victory over Democrat James Thompson came in a Kansas district that Trump won by a whopping 27 percent just five months ago.