Rock Hall 2017 class includes Pearl Jam, Tupac and Journey

Rock Hall 2017 class includes Pearl Jam, Tupac and Journey

Pearl Jam, Journey, Electric Light Orchestra and Yes played their hits and thanked their fans, families and business managers, and rapper Snoop Dogg paid earnest tribute to Tupac Shakur. "Coming to carry me, carry you, carry us - even Donald - home", she sang. "It's a fact that he never shied away from".

Letterman was named a last-minute fill-in as Pearl Jam's inductor this week after Neil Young fell ill and had to back out of the show.

Accepting his Award for Musical Excellent, Rodgers dedicated it to all the artists he had produced and worked with behind the scenes over the years, saying, "This award is awesome to me because of all the people who have allowed me to join their lives and their bands".

Seattle rockers Pearl Jam, the late rapper Tupac Shakur and 1970s hitmaking band Journey were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Friday night. Mocking the band for their frequent change in percussionists, he said, "The entire balcony is filled with Pearl Jam drummers". "They would stand up and react".

He added: "The nice thing about knowing them for as long as I've known them, I know them as friends as well as cultural icons". "Whether it was human rights or the environment [or] poverty". They didn't let it wash over them. Letterman closed by reading a letter Eddie Vedder had given him to give to his son, Harry. "I don't believe in guilty pleasures, you either like something or you don't and I've loved this band my whole life!" I wanted you to have this small guitar to start with. Every time they were there, they would blow the roof off the place and I'm not talking figuratively. The talk show legend was a late addition, replacing an ailing Neil Young. They weren't afraid to be romantic and hold women in high esteem they weren't afraid to do songs to make you feel good.

In the end, the night belonged to Pearl Jam.

Apparently, Snoop also shared a amusing story about going parasailing with Pac that we will just need to wait and hear about when HBO airs the ceremony on April 29.