Rod Carew's new heart, kidney came from late NFL player

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Upon learning Konrad's heart might've gone to Carew, Mary could hardly breathe.

Five seconds went by as Mary tried to find her son.

Since his operation, Carew has vowed to take good care of his gifts. He was 29. Over the final hours Mary spent with her oldest child, she kept her right ear on his chest.

The American Heart Association said Reuland's family and Carew met last month.

Konrad Reuland said it best in a text to his mother after suffering a brain aneurysm last November. In 2012-13, he played in 26 games for the New York Jets, catching 12 passes.

Now, months removed from these connected stories coming to light, it's clear that, even in death, Reuland saved another man's life.

Carew, 71, suffered the major heart attack while playing golf in Corona, Calif., on September 20, 2015. He flatlined twice, but survived.

The two families are now planning to team up to use Rod and Konrad's celebrity to promote the American Heart Association and to encourage many more people to become organ donors.

The donor, she was told, was 29 - the same age as Reuland and the number Carew wore when he smacked 3,053 hits over his career. Nobody ahead of Carew on the transplant list was. Just over a year later his name was added to the list of people waiting for a heart transplant.

Had the Reulands wanted Carew to have Konrads organs, they couldve steered them his way. Carew brought a baseball with a message written in pen. Until we meet again, I remain forever your brother in Christ. He asked his mom whether he ought to end up plainly an organ giver.

The initial hints that Reuland's heart was given to Carew were confirmed, and the two families joined together to celebrate the late football player's life-saving sacrifice.

Hall of Famer Rod Carew first met Konrad Reuland in 1990 and likely had a hard time remembering that meeting.

During Reuland's funeral, family and friends of the young man learned that Carew received a heart and kidney transplant from a 29-year-old male who had died at the UCLA Medical Center, the same facility that Reuland himself passed away in days earlier.

"That's how it was the whole rest of the day", Mary gushed about her late son. "It was really kind of cute".

"I nearly fell over", she said. It was revealed this week his heart is the one that's now beating inside former Minnesota Twin Rod Carew. It was like something that festers.

When Konrad sent his mom that text, saying he felt like God still had a plan for him, he obviously thought he would go on living.

By January, she placed a call to OneLegacy, the national organ donor network.

"I just thank him for saving my life and putting a roaring heart inside my body", Carew said, according to the Mercury News. "You never know, it could be time for a comeback".

The two families got together recently at the Reuland's house in Orange County, California.

When the Carews first walked up to the Reuland's home on that warm March day in San Juan Capistrano, Mary's first message was simple.

The previous fall, blood thinners he took as a major aspect of his convention prompted seeping in his cerebrum, making it more dire for him to get another heart.