Ross Butler Leaving Riverdale Is Good News for 13 Reasons Why Fans

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What could possibly be keeping Butler away from an increased role in Season 2 of the hit CW show Riverdale?

Earlier this week, we learned Ross Butler (Zach Dempsey in "13 Reasons Why") departed from his other series "Riverdale" due to "commitments to other projects". He went on to say that although those will be big shoes to fill they are confident they can find one who is just as "funny and sexy as Ross".

We still can't believe that Ross Butler won't be our Reggie Mantle anymore on Riverdale.

But wait - what could these scheduling conflicts be that are forcing Ross to leave the hugely successful TV show?

If you're a fan of 13 Reasons Why, however, this news should make you very happy, because it means that Netflix might really be giving that show a season two. According to reports, the actor can not commit to more episodes of the show next season. Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen), Ross Butler and Justin Prentice (Bryce Walker) all told Entertainment Weekly they want to see more stories told with the characters, and the original book's author, Jay Asher, echoed those sentiments.

Netflix is reportedly on the cusp of renewing 13 Reasons Why.

Allow Us to Recommend Riverdale

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Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has confirmed that Butler won't be returning for the show's second season, owing to "his commitments to other projects." .

In the last few episodes of Riverdale, it's been an emotional roller coaster for Cheryl Blossom, who has been one of the antagonists of the first season.

Who do you think should play Reggie?

While we can not tell you too much about this story in advance of it airing, we will see a continued bond between Archie and Veronica as they react to the latest arrest.