'Shadow Of An Animal' Sneaks Into Woman's Bedroom And Snatches Dog

A mountain lion may have gotten away with a dog from the bedroom of a home in the unincorporated San Mateo County community of Pescadero

San Mateo County police say a mountain lion got into a home in Pescadero, California and grabbed a small dog from a bedroom where a small child was sleeping.

The family that lost their dog on Monday says a mountain lion - not the one pictured here - attacked one of their horses years earlier.

Fought said she thought Lenore finally recognized the bigger dog.

The dog, a 15-pound Portuguese Podengo, was at the foot of a bed near the dog's owner and a child when it woke them up around 3 "barking aggressively".

The woman reported seeing "a shadow of an animal enter the room" from the French doors, take the dog from where it had been sleeping at the foot of the bed and walk out.

However, both the Sheriff's Office and state wildlife officials agreed Monday's incident was extremely unusual, Zuno said.

The predator entered the house in the 800 block of Native Sons Road through a pair of French doors that had been left partially open to allow the dog access to the outdoors.

"But mountain lions are wild animals, they're hunters", he said.

She added she saw "wet, very clear, large paw prints" along the path to their home and spotted a few drops of blood by their door.

Ms Fought was suddenly woken by Lenore barking.

Authorities have contacted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to see if a follow up investigation is necessary. "We had one open a few inches or so, I don't know, maybe six or eight inches wide", Fought told ABC11's sister-station ABC7 News. But Fought never expected a mountain lion to walk into their house.

"Deputies searched the area and also located paw prints similar to a Mountain Lion", according to the sheriff's office.

She did say that other residents have encountered the big cats indirectly through stealthy attacks on their livestock, but even that is seldom.

"Obviously they're very shaken up by this, they lost a family member and it was a surprise in the way it happened", Zuno said.