Stargazing 2017: Full 'Pink Moon' to Illuminate the Skies on April 11

There's a Pink Moon tomorrow here's what it means

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The pink moon will be at its peak early Tuesday morning shortly after 2 a.m., so if you want to see it in all its glory, you'll have to stay up late.

When is the Pink Moon?

What is the meaning of a "Pink Moon"?

Although you should be able to get a good view of the Full Moon without any astronomical instrument, you can also watch it rise in the sky live online through Slooh's community telescopes.

Although the Pink Moon might not offer unusual colors, it will still be a attractive moon and a welcome sight to kick off the warmer seasons.

The Farmers' Almanac, a North American periodical published since 1818, lists all the names of the different full moons, as they were known by these people. The full moon is called a "pink moon" because of pink flowers that traditionally bloom in April. Thus, the Pink Moon is named, not for the moon's color, but for the color of a spring flower known as "moss pink" or "wild ground phlox".

How do I see it?

That's the case this year, with Easter being celebrated on Sunday, April 16.

Why all the fuss?

It will be the fourth full moon on the 2017 lunar calendar and the first full moon of spring in the northern hemisphere. Other names for April's full moon include the Egg Moon, Fish Moon and Sprouting Grass Moon.

Hindus celebrate the birth of Hanuman in India in a festival called Hanuman Jayanti. It will be at its most impressive in the middle of the night, so skywatchers who are out and about will want to look up at the full moon.