Supporters, opponents square off on gas tax debate — IN Focus

By a 7-1 vote without any discussion, the Senate Business & Commerce Committee advanced SB 10, which backers say will protect homeowners and business policyholders from the detrimental effects of unnecessary lawsuits. Sen.

State Rep. Dan Huberty succeeded at a hard task Wednesday: getting the Texas House of Representatives to vote for legislation overhauling the funding system for public education, without a court mandate.

Like the House version, the Senate bill-SC Constitutional Carry Act of 2017-allows those who are legally permitted to own, carry or purchase a firearm to do so without having to obtain a permit. Those have been repeatedly rejected by the House, and that could make the chamber's school finance fixes less palatable in the Senate. "It doesn't matter that you and your community have been living with this for 3 years, we're going to take it away from you", Saldana said.

The challenge, he said, will be to get the governor's tax bill down to level it can win support.

Rep. Randy Fine, R-South Brevard, filed the legislation in response to backlash over the Common Core State Standards, which Florida fully implemented in 2014. The provision, proposed by Rep. State Sen. Rob Bradley, R-Fleming Island, feared that the bills were unconstitutional because the state constitution lays out the criteria for restoring voting rights. School districts would also receive more money for students with dyslexia.

If those efforts fail to verify the voter, the name will be stricken from the checklist and turned over to the Secretary of State for further investigation.

According to the Legislative Budget Board's estimates, the bill would mean $11 million in additional administrative costs for the state over the next two years. That's half of the more than $400 million that districts now receive through the expiring program.

Phillip Jones, head of Visit Dallas, said 24 conventions and events told him that they wouldn't come to Dallas if the state passes a bill that dictates which bathroom people use by the gender on their birth certificates.

"You've got a different ... climate here now in the House". The last day of session is May 11th.

"Since that time, we've seen an insane or obscene amount of ordinances to the point where individuals' private property rights have been violated", Steube said. Parents and educators who testified wanted a few new provisions added in.

Texas lawmakers made moves toward fixing the state's troubled school finance system on Wednesday.

Silence from Abbott, coupled with Republican House leaders outright saying they didn't want a bathroom bill, stalled the idea in Texas for the past month.