UC Berkeley Warns of "Intended Violence" at Ann Coulter's Planned Appearance

Harmeet K. Dhillon

"And it's got to stop".

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — The University of California at Berkeley students who invited Ann Coulter to speak on campus are threatening to sue the university if it doesn't find a proper time and venue for the conservative pundit to speak next week.

Despite the warning, Coulter told THR on Saturday: "Still speaking the 27th". Similar censorship of conservative speakers has occurred on college campuses around the country.

"The University's actions violate fundamental principles of free speech, equal protection, and due process guaranteed by the United States Constitution, and will not be tolerated", Dhillon wrote. He said this venue isn't regularly used for events such as Coulter's speech, but it could "both accommodate a substantial audience and meet the security criteria established by our police department".

Coulter's lawyers, however, sent the university a letter, demanding they "honor its obligation to respect the First Amendment rights of its students, without regard to their political preference or affiliation, by ensuring that Ms. Coulter be allowed to speak on campus on April 27".

Coulter's threat to speak on April 27 "regardless" of Berkeley's wishes forced the school to act fast and reschedule the appearance for May 2, said Dan Mogulof, assistant vice chancellor for public affairs. "It is becoming clear that there is a developing pattern and practice of treating speakers invited by conservative student groups differently than liberal speakers on that historic university campus".

Maher joked, "I like [Coulter] as a person, I've never agreed with a single thing she's ever said".

Now, Coulter's brand of shock "conservatism" isn't particularly admirable - and we realize these invitations are part of a coordinated effort by conservatives to expose liberal bias on American college campuses (it doesn't take much).

Coulter was scheduled to deliver a speech at UC Berkeley on April 27.

School officials and police have cited intelligence of specific threats to Coulter's event and have tried to call it off. Don't sit there and whine about how much it costs or that you can't protect one woman and a few hundred people who want to hear what she has to say. If that does not happen, the letter says, "we will seek relief in federal court, including claims for injunctive relief and damages".

Violent riots erupted at UC Berkeley in February when conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak.

There have been multiple instances of politically inspired violence at Berkeley in recent days, including violent protests that led to the cancellation of a planned speech by former Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos, a battle between supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump in March and another such fight on April 15. "But that's what the First Amendment means".