UNLV 'very excited' to share Las Vegas stadium with Raiders

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Fans of the Oakland Raiders react to news that the team will relocate to Las Vegas once their new stadium is complete.

There's been a mixed reaction to the move, as $750 million of that $1.9 billion will come from public funding that locals did not get a vote on.

After failing to even entertain the last-minute offers put out by the city of Oakland, the National Football League owners voted on Monday to allow the Raiders to move to Las Vegas.

Sandoval told reporters last month the facility will be shared with the University of Nevada Las Vegas and will not open until 2020. Davis visited San Antonio several times over the past two years while he was looking at possible places to move his team.

They moved from Oakland to Los Angeles after the 1981 season, then turned around and went back to Oakland after the 1994 season.

"The bad news is, when you get a team it doesn't help and the good news is, when it leaves, it doesn't hurt because they have, essentially, no economic impact".

St. Louis lured the Los Angeles Rams back by constructing a $300 million dollar domed stadium in 1995.

"On behalf of the entire Vegas Golden Knights family, I would like to welcome and congratulate Mark Davis and the Oakland Raiders on their relocation to the great city of Las Vegas".

Call me a traditionalist, but a team as historic as the Oakland Raiders should not be moving again. She said the existing Coliseum would be demolished by 2024, with the Oakland Athletics baseball team either moving to a new stadium at the Coliseum site or somewhere else in the city. "I love the black hole".

"I don't believe so, no", McKibben said. The Raiders plan to remain in Oakland through 2019, which could create an untenable situation. Especially when the team was willing to put down a significant amount of their own money in order to finance a new stadium in Oakland.

Perhaps it's just the disappointment of a professional franchise with so many skins on the wall leaving behind a loyal fan base - not just once, but twice. "There is some other economic indicators that would hurt in some way shape or form, but purely from the Coliseum Authority's position, financially, we are better off if the Raiders exit and exit now". The Mayor said that the City of Oakland confirmed that by evaluating the loss of one or more teams.