SNP would back 'progressive alliance' in event of hung parliament

       PM announces reduction of terror threat level

However, what Sturgeon did say was that if her party won in Scotland it would strengthen the case for a second referendum for Scottish independence.

"Ten days in which we can really put a check on the Tories and put the values we seek to protect at the front of the campaign".

"Now more than ever, it is vital to have strong SNP voices standing up for Scotland at Westminster".

Ms Sturgeon went on the attack as she insisted there is an "alternative to Tory austerity".

And she said:"We have formulated a partnership agreement which combines the manifesto commitments and priorities on which each party stood".

Speaking exclusively to The Sunday Post, the First Minister said the Tories must give "a direct answer" over whether they would apply a "whopping great cut" to the lifeline welfare payment before it is devolved to the Scottish Government in 2019.

In the wake of the largest terrorist attack in the United Kingdom since 2005, all political parties temporarily suspended campaigning and the SNP delayed launching its manifesto until 30 May. "There is another way".

"The Tories' plans have nothing to do with strong public finances and are all about their desire to cut benefits, cut pensions and shrink our public services like the NHS and the police".

The Observer reports of growing demands for the Prime Minister to face down anti-EU forces in the Tory party.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson insisted there will not be a second referendum on independence "anytime soon" as she accused the SNP of "quietly ditching" the policy as a campaign tool in the General Election.

She refused to say if she would prefer Mr Corbyn or Mrs May to be in power at Number 10 after June 8.

The SNP leader, who is pushing for a second referendum on Scottish independence before the Brexit process has been completed, also set out her bid to keep Scotland in the EU.

Ms Sturgeon's and Ms Dugdale's comments followed Mr Corbyn saying on Friday that there was a link between "wars our government has supported or fought in other countries and terrorism here at home", and that the war on terrorism "is simply not working".

"If you look at the Labour UK manifesto all the policies that Jeremy Corbyn is putting forward, from scrapping tuition fees to scrapping hospital vehicle parking charges to climate changes, these are all policies already implemented in Scotland".

Local Labour leader and new council leader Elaine Murray notes the parties have different views on a second independence referendum, but says this "should not affect the administration of Dumfries and Galloway Council".

The SNP launches its manifesto on Tuesday, and Ms Sturgeon promised to "get Scotland's voice heard".

"We deserve to have a grown up conversation about what is an immensely complex issue", she added, "and sometimes the Tories approach this in a very cheap fashion to score points".