Angry customers pelt clerk with avocados, bananas

Two men seen tossing avacados in a Bronx deli after the cook messed up their orders

Surveillance video shows one of the suspects casually grabbing several avocados before getting into a pitching position and throwing them at the employees.

You can see the suspects casually pick up avocados, which they then hurl at the worker.

Police say the customers erupted in anger when there was confusion over their food order.

Police are searching for two suspects who attacked a deli clerk and broke his jaw by pummeling him with avocados and bananas.

Police said the men were angry over a food order and started hurling the produce at the 21-year-old man behind the counter about 4:44 a.m. on May 29. He was listed in serious but stable condition at Lincoln Hospital.

"This action, what he do, it's not normal", an employee told a local NBC affiliate.

The employee suffered a laceration and fractures to his face, as well as a broken jaw.

The two men also smashed watermelons and tossed merchandise before leaving the store.

"Throws it at his eyes, the guy he needed surgery in his eyes", the store's owner, Hany Girgis, said.

Police released surveillance video Wednesday in the hopes of catching the suspects.