Apple Introduces 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' Feature for iOS 11

Apple's Siri speakers will be similar to Amazon Echo, Google Home; yet very different

On Monday, Apple executives used the opening keynote of WWDC to run through the highlights of iOS 11 - now in the hands of developers - and introduce a 10.5-in. iPad Pro replacement for the smaller 9.7-in. model.

Earlier this week, Apple officially unveiled iOS 11 with a host of new features.

Going to the mall?

What do you think of this new iOS 11 feature?

On the home screen, you will still get to see the app's icon but in grey colour, meaning the app was offloaded. The airport feature will be available in select cities worldwide to begin.

Alongside all of this is more integration with Apple's Pencil.

Maps will also allow drivers to see speed limits and provide lane guidance. So much so that Apple has included the same camera system from the iPhone 7 into the new iPad Pro. Users can also set outgoing messages beforehand to advise their contacts they're now on the road and won't be able to respond.

As one might expect, Apple has added a bit more power to the engine under the hood. Siri will also understand context, your interests and how you use your device to predict what you'll do next.

Third-party developers gain access to the NFC chip inside iPhones with iOS 11. While FLAC files can be synced using iClould Drive to be played back on the device, as of now, it can be only done via the "Files" application.

Apple Music's last redesign was announced one year ago.

What's the first thing your friends and family ask you for when they come to visit? Apple Pay will be integrated into iMessage with iOS 11.

YouTuber EverythingApplePro has found a way to install iOS 11 on your compatible iPhone device without the use of a computer or signing up with Apple's beta program. However, the sources on the Reddit thread did say that Apple did test a design with the TouchID built right into the glass but its success ratio was quite low. The update will compress video with high-efficiency video coding, offering up to two times better compression, Apple said. The news is that Apple has now slashed the price of its 2TB iCloud storage plan. Apple added improvements to Live Photos, including a Boomerang-like feature and the ability to save single frames.

So how does one install iOS 11 on their iPhone?

However, the report stated that most users won't have NFC reader support until Q3 2017, when iOS 11 is set for public release.