Father murdered in front of kids while buying puppy from Facebook ad

Father shot, killed in front of kids while buying puppy through Facebook ad

A Florida father-of-two has been beaten and shot to death in front of his fiancée and their two young children after responding to a Facebook ad about a free dog.

Bowman, 39, was killed on Wednesday, June 7, in his Jacksonville home after a physical altercation with a man who was giving away a puppy.

Pictured Jacksonville, Florida father, Scott Bowman with his two children.nearly 20 hrs later investigators at home where man was shot and killed on the Westside. To date no charges have been laid against the houseguest as police continue to "actively" investigate.

Chelsea Bowman said she and Christopher "Scott" Bowman were divorced, but were going to remarry soon. She said that he was able to shoot the stranger in the arm and then run.

Speaking to Action News Jax, the woman says they told the stranger they would pick up the dog, but he allegedly insisted on coming to their house to drop off the pooch himself.

Chelsea Bowman says their daughter Kinley was shouting, "You shot my dad!". "My husband (Scott) goes to use the bathroom, and he waits for him".

"I miss him. I just want him back", Bowman said.

Bowman and the man started fighting and the man shot Bowman in the chest. He comes out, and he grabs him and he starts beating him. I mean grabs him, slams him down.

When police arrived, the man reportedly told him that he was involved in the shooting and police reportedly detained him for questioning.

"You shot my dad!".

Scott Bowman's fiancee says she could hear the suspect banging on walls and cursing while she was being questioned at the police station. The investigation is active and ongoing'. "I said 'Run! Go get help.' I said 'Baby, baby, please, ' trying to wake him up".