Georgia prison fugitives reach road's end: a driveway in Tennessee

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A photo shows inmates Ricky Dubose (L) and Donnie Rowe (R) after their escape earlier this week from Putnam County, southeast of Atlanta, Georgia.

"Maybe a lot of people are getting a reward out of this", Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director Mark Gwyn told reporters. Rutherford County Sheriff Michael Fitzhugh said his deputies did not return fire and none were injured.

"They have known each other for quite a while", Myrick said.

"Hearing that you're a hero for simply calling 911 and explaining what happened and just backing up - even though we did have guns with us, we never had to use them - that to me is more than a God thing", he said.

The end of the road for the two inmates, Dubose, and Donnie Russell Rowe sought in the killings of their guards on a Georgia prison bus turned out to be the driveway of a homeowner in rural Tennessee, who held them at gunpoint, June 15, 2017, until reinforcements arrived.

Before their taste of freedom ended, Rowe and Dubose held an elderly couple hostage, officials told FOX 17 in Nashville.

Authorities say Rowe and Dubose forced their way into the Tennessee couples home Thursday afternoon. The escaped inmates sought in the killings of two guards on a Georgia prison bus were captured Thursday in Tennessee after holding an elderly couple captive and leading police on a chase by auto and foot, authorities said.

Hale added the men took off their shirts and starting waving them at him in an attempt to get him to slow down.

While answering questions, Hale picked up his daughter and said "This is the reason why I was really excited the police came as quick as they could". They will be extradited back to Georgia where they'll face an array of charges.

Sgt. Christopher Monica and Sgt. Curtis Billue were overpowered and shot to death with their own weapons.

Authorities warned that the men, who had escaped with the guards' 9 mm pistols, were considered very risky.

Hours before their capture, Putnam County, Georgia, Sheriff Howard Sills said the public was in "grave danger" and that authorities did not know where the risky inmates were. The fugitives ditched the Honda Civic and their prison uniforms, ransacked a home and then stole a Ford pickup truck in Madison, Georgia, later Tuesday.

Before their capture, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced a tip line and said pictures of the men and information about a $130,000 reward would appear on billboards in multiple states. TBI'sGwyn said Thursday he wasn't sure who would collect the reward.

The two men were cellmates and friends in prison, and may have planned their escape; however, the bus ride Tuesday morning was unscheduled, officials said.

Monica and Billue worked at Baldwin State Prison as transfer sergeants.

Rowe is serving life without parole for armed robbery, the department of corrections said, and Dubose is serving a 20-year sentence for armed robbery.

"Both officers were known for their unwavering commitment to their job and their love of family", the Georgia Department of Corrections said in a statement.