Israel set to reduce electricity in Gaza

UN condemns Hamas for tunnel under schools in Gaza

Despite this intolerable reality, the Israeli cabinet has chose to accept the Palestinian Authority's cruel plan to further reduce the power supply to Gaza.

"They [Hamas] receive support from Qatar and have received aid from other countries in the past, but they usually choose to put the funds towards building up infrastructure towards terrorism", Erdan said.

Netanyahu's comments came a day after the Israeli security cabinet decided Sunday night it would cut the amount of power it supplies to Gaza, at the request of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas who is seeking to ramp up pressure on Hamas, the ruling party in the Strip and his Fatah party's bitter rival. The PA and neighboring Arab nations however do not appear the least bit concerned over the situation in Gaza other than to use it politically against Israel. "Those who will bear the consequences of this decision are the Israeli enemy, who is besieging the Gaza Strip, and PA President Mahmoud Abbas".

In addition to cutting electricity and medicine supplies, Abbas has also stopped paying civil servants in Gaza who worked for the PA before Hamas took control in 2007, after it won parliamentary elections the year before.

Last week, Egypt has cut its diplomatic ties with Qatar, citing several reasons including the latter's support to Hamas.

In February, the Jewish state complained the head of the UNRWA staff union in Gaza was politically active in the militant Islamist group Hamas, which rules the coastal strip. He added that "Israel has no interest in escalation".

In recent weeks there have been violent skirmishes on the Israel-Gaza border with Palestinian demonstrators shot and killed when previously Hamas prevented the demonstrators from getting near the border.

Abbas has reportedly made a decision to slash electricity payments for Gaza in a further bid to pressure Hamas.

The Israeli diplomat also criticized the failure of the sufficiently act upon numerous reports that have been issued divulging Hama's exploitation of United Nations facilities in the Gaza Strip. 2017 has seen a worsening of living conditions in Gaza, which echoes the situation just before the conflict in 2014, and prompts concerns that larger-scale violence will break out between Hamas and Israel in Gaza. The PA sent an official letter saying that it wanted to transfer NIS 255-300 million per month, which Mordechai said meant a reduction in power supplies. Although the Trump administration eventually decided against moving the USA embassy to Jerusalem, the open contemplation of such a move would suggest tacit support of Israel's policies and alienates Palestinians.

Netanyahu accused the agency of "considerable incitement against Israel" because of its criticism of Israeli policies, and called for it to be integrated into the wider United Nations agency for refugees around the world.

Israeli officials say that the government fears an outbreak of fighting with Hamas in the coming weeks and that Hamas has been diverting equipment and money flowing to Gaza to finance a military buildup.