Israel strikes targets in Syria for 2nd day

Shells from Syria land in Golan Heights, no injuries

The IDF responded Saturday night after ten mortar shells and rockets entered Israeli airspace from Syria and fell in open areas in the northern Golan Heights earlier in the day.

He also said Israel views "with utmost gravity" Iranian attempts to gain a foothold in Syria or to provide advanced weapons to Hezbollah, its Lebanese proxy.

Later, it announced that it had targeted the source of the fire and hit two tanks belonging to the Syrian military.

According to the Israeli army, due to the ongoing internal fighting in Syria near Quneitra, the Israel Defense Forces has requested farmers and civilians not to Valley of Tears in the Golan or the Quneitra salient.

The Israeli side of the Golan has been hit sporadically by what is thought to be stray fire from fighting between forces loyal to Syria's government and rebels.

Syrian media said an unspecified number of people were killed in the war jet attack.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the SAA told reporters that the projectiles did not cause any casualties.

However, the Israeli army denied the allegations and released footage purportedly showing two machine guns and one tank being targeted and hit.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the strike was in accordance with Israel's policy.

In April, Israel fired a Patriot anti-ballistic missile, reportedly intercepting a drone that entered Israel's air space from Syria. A US-led coalition backs some of the militia groups that want to overthrow Assad, including SDF and Free Syrian Army.

The US paper, citing multiple rebel commanders and Israelis familiar with the strategy, said Israel has for years provided rebels with cash, food, fuel and medical treatment in order to create a friendly force along a buffer zone to separate it from Iranian and Hezbollah forces backing the Assad regime.

The analyst further described Israel as the main stumbling block to the establishment of sustainable peace in the Middle East, stressing that the ultimate goal for the Israeli officials is to bring down hostile governments, such as those of Syria and Iran, through creating maximum chaos and disorder.