Jeremy Corbyn gets rock star welcome at Glastonbury Festival

He was joined by festival founder Michael Eavis.

During the headline set by band Radiohead, tens of thousands of revelers chanted "Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!" to the tune of the song Seven Nation Army by the band The White Stripes.

A member of the audience asked for Mr Eavis's thoughts about the increasing numbers of young voters who turned out in the 2017 General Election, helping Labour make gains.

Peter Hook, the bass player from Manchester bands Joy Division and New Order, led the crowd on the main Pyramid Stage in reflecting on "our hopes and our prayers for life, love and freedom, the things we are here to celebrate".

Of course, not everyone in the crowd who stood listening to Corbyn is going to be far left, and indeed if the crowd was to be questioned there would be many different political views. "Labour policies that Jeremy Corbyn has brought through are like scrap the table we've started over again", 25-year-old Chloe Lawrence said.

There are flags bearing Mr Corbyn's name, T-shirts featuring his face and even a sand sculpture depicting him dressed in fox hunting garb, riding a fox through fields of wheat towards Prime Minister Theresa May.

Jeremy Corbyn said he had been inspired by how many young people had got involved in politics as he addressed the crowd at the Glastonbury festival.

Fed up with being told they must pay more in health, pensions, education, and everything else.

She said she wasn't surprised by his support among young people, having seen his popularity rise on social media.

Jeremy Corbyn, of The Jeremy Corbyn Experience, took to Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage this afternoon for a special slot. "Just shut the door on your way out".

He was also spotted pouring pints for revellers and meeting emergency services staff at the annual event which concludes on Sunday night.

He then headed over to the Solstice bar. We can confirm he was able to find a seat.

Glastonbury Festival has always been associated with leftwing politics.

Former chancellor Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper were snapped queuing for the showers.

The 81-year-old host of the festival made his comments at a Q&A at the Speakers Forum in the Green Futures area of Glastonbury.