Media Credits Editors for Kelly Interview With Alex Jones

Megyn Kelly Alex Jones

NBC News went aggressively on the defense, trotting out elder statesman Tom Brokaw to read an essay about the need to interview characters like Jones, due to the reach of their "poisonous claims".

After a week of fever-pitch media coverage in anticipation of Megyn Kelly's interview with controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, her episode debuted Sunday night with a ratings flop.

Infowars founder Jones leaked exclusive audio of his interview with Kelly prior to the airing of the episode, creating a wave of criticism against both parties. Kelly has been criticized intensely for giving a platform to Jones, who has also called the September 11 attacks an inside job and promoted the false story that a pizza place in Washington, D.C. was the site of a child sex ring. Kelly was to be the host of a gala to benefit the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, but was uninvited after news of the segment began to spread.

She said Monday she won't watch the interview for "obvious" reasons; Jones has called the school shooting a hoax.

Kelly said Jones never completely disavowed his previous statements about the killings being a hoax.

In an internal memo that was obtained and published by the Hartford Courant, NBC Connecticut WVIT's President and General Manager Susan Tully said the decision to boycott the presentation was based on conversations with the families of the shooting victims. NBC News Chairman Andy Lack told The Associated Press that the Jones story would be edited with its critics in mind.

"As in her interviews with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, Kelly proved unable to generate surprising, interesting, or even novel responses from her subject", Socolow wrote. The station was the only NBC affiliate that would not give airtime to the program, which devoted a 15-minute segment of its one-hour running time to Jones.

Kelly challenged Jones from the start, introducing him as a "radical conspiracy theorist" and promising to confront him on his "notorious lie" about Sandy Hook.

Stelter commented on Hannity's post, saying, "Sean, you're going to side with Alex Jones over your former colleague Megyn Kelly?".