Overwatch is improving its highlights and loot boxes

The Overwatch PTR is back online and includes some loot box changes

Following a ton of feedback, Blizzard is finally adjusting the Overwatch loot boxes to reduce the chances of unlocking duplicate items. "We think this will be immediately evident and extremely significant for all of our players and we think it's going to feel fantastic".

There have been significant complaints over the Overwatch loot boxes due to the amount of money and/or time it takes to get much of the limited skins and other items during special events. The amount of credits loot boxes offer as rewards will increase to compensate for the reduced duplicate items. "We'll make sure that your credit intake will be at least the same, if not more", he said. On average, players should be earning just as many credits, if not slightly more, from loot boxes than they did prior to these changes.

Those duplicates can then be exchanged for credits, which, if saved up for what seems like an eternity, can be used to purchase one legendary skin, so it's easy to see why gamers are often so frustrated by duplicates in their loot boxes.

Those unfamiliar with Overwatch's loot box system will be forgiven for not understanding just how dramatic this change really is - loot boxes are the easiest way players can acquire new skins for their favorite characters, but the process is random. Everybody in the PTR will get five loot boxes to test out the new drop rates right away.

The other big change relates to in-game highlights. PC players will have the ability to export these at higher video settings than they can run, up to 4K and 60 FPS on Windows 8 or Windows 10.

The game will continue to automatically generate highlights for you based on your recent gameplay. Players will also be able to generate their own clips of up to 12 seconds, with capture ability now getting its own key bind.

Overwatch fans are beginning to experience difficulties in finding major gameplay features worth complaining about. The player-generated highlights will be in a "Recently Captured" section that will hold up to 36 highlights at a time. Also included is the oft-requested highlight system.