Qatar Airways profits $540 million, braces for Gulf crisis

A man looks as the world's biggest Liquefied Natural Gas tanker DUHAIL as she crosses through the Suez Canal. The Qatari tanker which was built to transfer LNG from Qatar to Europe and the U.S. is on her first trip ever from Qatar to Spain

Qatar National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) said the recent directives issued by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain regarding the humanitarian situation of mixed-citizenship families as too vague to have any practical impact and were void of a mechanism to be of assistance to those affected.

Iran earlier sent five aircraft carrying food products to Qatar, as well as three ships carrying 350 tonnes of food.

The port of Dayyer is Iran's closest port to Qatar.

The three Gulf nations cut ties with Qatar on June 5 over its support of terror groups and ties to Iran and ordered all Qataris out within 14 days, while calling their own citizens back.

Almost a week after Saudi Arabia and several of its allies severed ties with Qatar in an unprecedented Gulf diplomatic crisis, there were no signs of the bitter dispute being resolved.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that as far as the Qatar crisis was concerned, Moscow was determined to refrain from interfering in the domestic affairs of sovereign states. The cancelled flights impact numerous airline's travelers who fly via to Doha to global destinations.

This will come as a relief to the more than 11,000 people from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain living in Qatar.

"For potentially thousands of people across the Gulf, the effect of the steps imposed in the wake of this political dispute is suffering, heartbreak and fear", Amnesty International has said.

While President Donald Trump said Friday that he backed the movement to isolate Qatar over its funding of extremist groups, Tillerson has called on the Saudi-led coalition to ease the blockade.

Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Khalid al-Sabah was quoted as saying: "Kuwait will not abandon its efforts and will continue its goodwill efforts to patch the rift and find a solution that will deal with the root cause of the causes of the the brotherly relations".