Qatar says state news agency first hacked in April

Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Gopal Baglay India Tv

One senior White House official told Voice of America's William Gallo that Tillerson and Trump are on the "same page", but they're just "emphasizing different parts of that page", which is not how that metaphor works.

The four countries have suspended all flights to and from Qatar, pulled their ambassadors from Doha and ordered Qatari diplomats to leave. Graphic: FOREIGN POLICY Qatar, which has developed an assertive foreign policy over the past decade, denies that it supports militants and says it is helping to reduce the threat of terrorism by backing groups that fight poverty and seek political reform.

A source told The New Arab that Ankara does not intend to escalate the crisis, but has made the move as a "deterrent to any intention of military action against Doha".

"From Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen, Iran funds, arms, and trains terrorists, militias, and other extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the region", Trump said, echoing the harsh comments of Saudi leaders.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said Tuesday that Qatar must sever ties with Hamas.

Kuwait's emir has been seeking to mediate, meeting Saudi's king on Tuesday. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states accuse Doha of supporting extremist groups, but Tillerson suggested that all sides needed to do more.

Trump's condemnation of Qatar deviated sharply from the message delivered by his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, who only an hour earlier had called on Arab nations to ease their blockade on Qatar and had credited the kingdom with progress in curbing terror funding.

Qatar said it led the region in attacking what it called the roots of terrorism, giving young people hope through jobs, educating hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and funding community programs to challenge extremist agendas. Meanwhile, Turkey's parliament approved sending troops to an existing Turkish base in Qatar as a sign of support.

Arab states tightened their squeeze on Qatar on Friday by putting dozens of figures with links to the country on terrorism blacklists.

"The time had come to call on Qatar to end its funding", Trump said.

Qatar hosts the Al-Udeid military base, the largest USA airbase in the Middle East. However, the Qatari foreign minister downplayed the likelihood of military conflict.

"Such a "Trumpification" of relations in a region already susceptible to crises is particularly risky", Gabriel said.

"We're getting exhausted of reacting to unsubstantiated banalities", Andrei Krutskikh, a Kremlin adviser on cybersecurity said, according to The Independent.

Oil prices dipped on renewed concerns about the efficacy of OPEC-led production cuts due to the Qatar tensions, and also over growing USA output.

Tillerson joined the Pentagon, the Foreign Relations Committee, and the deputy press secretary Friday in tempering Trump's sudden enthusiasm for condemning Saudi Arabia's eastern neighbor.

"There are numerous uncertainties regarding Qatar's response, the extent to which these measures will be imposed, and their longevity", said the ratings agency.

He said Qatar as an independent nation also had the right to support groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, despite its neighbours outlawing the Sunni Islamist group.