Rocket League Coming To Nintendo Switch With Exclusive Content

Rocket League Coming To Nintendo Switch With Exclusive Content

During Nintendo's E3 presentation, the company revealed the hotly anticipated Switch game's release date and let the world know that Mario can straight-up take over people's bodies.

Nintendo continues to show of their next flagship Mario title at E3 this week, and we'll keep you updated as the details keep pouring in. It's coming out at the end of 2017. Take a look at all of the games from Nintendo's conference below as well as some trailers. This one's coming out at some point in 2018. Now we have an official release date, along with some sweet new gameplay footage. In it, we discover a lot more about the game, and it's clear that this will be one of the most creative Mario games to be released in quite some time. This one's also expected in 2018.

Fire Emblem Warriors - The Fire Emblem series is making its way to the Switch, with a Dynasty Warriors-style entry.

Both PlayStation and Xbox had to make do with trailers for games that had already been announced past year, while Nintendo were able to show off new games and make surprise announcements that hadn't been leaked. It was also unveiled that Mario can now possess certain enemies and objects and inherit their powers. And the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild is known for its surprising difficulty (they're even adding on a more difficult Hard Mode with their first DLC pack).

Yoshi Another classic Nintendo character with a working title, Yoshi has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch as well. The game appears to be a remake of Metroid II with improved graphics and controls.Metroid: Samus Returns will be released in September of this year.

This year at E3, EA Sports announced Federation Internationale de Football Association 18, promising to build upon the mechanics and gameplay of the last game, as not entirely unexpected music to the ears of fans.