Schiff: Obama should have done more on Russian Federation

Former President Barack Obama

Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union", Rep. Adam Schiff was asked Sunday by host Dana Bash if former President Barack Obama failed in his duty to the nation, framing the inquiry with the assumption that "Vladimir Putin was working to elect President Trump". "I don't see much evidence of a response". But you don't read that.

"Wow, did we mishandle this", a former administration official told the newspaper.

Meanwhile, Trump's aides were forced to confirm the president has no intention of firing the special counsel investigating the charges of Russian meddling in the election, after Trump questioned the official's impartiality in a separate Fox News. What we saw, or thought we saw, after that, it looked like the Russians stopped their efforts. It also acknowledged specific instructions Russian forces were given to undermine Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Jeff Merkley told CNN. Obama also considered deploying cyber weapons in Russian Federation and releasing secret information about Putin that ultimately didn't happen.

The CIA's information prompted Obama to secretly authorize intelligence community members to plant cyber weapons in Russian infrastructure, but the method, along with a series of other countermeasures, was not approved until December - more than a month after the election was over. "But given everything we were dealing with, given, first of all, the perception that Russia's main objective is undermine confidence in the elections, that was one thing that motivated us, to be careful how we played this in public", he said.

Officials familiar with the measures said that there was concern among some in the administration that the damage caused by the implants could be hard to contain.

"That not a single vote was changed and we're going to stand by that". Congress has to work with the White House to give them tools to push back.

Hammering home his point, Cooper later said that Trump and his administration continue to show a lack of interest in Russian Federation. "This led to two things: President Obama issued a very stark warning to President Putin in September at the G-20 conference in China". And to treat Putin as an ally and a friend is wrong.

Trump has repeatedly hedged on whether Russian Federation meddled in the 2016 election, frequently dismissing the story entirely and saying Democrats were using it as an excuse for Hillary Clinton's loss in the presidential race.

To collude is to "come to a secret understanding for a harmful goal; conspire", which is not what Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party did in the primary. "It had nothing to do with interference".