Ticket sold in California matches all 6 numbers

Someone Just Hit a Giant Powerball Jackpot

After weeks with no winning numbers, one lucky ticket was sold in California Saturday night.

"It's a very good feeling to be the winning store", Matthew Alberre told NBC News on Sunday, adding that they feel "blessed" for playing a role in the win. Officials said the earliest the ticket can be redeemed is Monday.

"Starting out the year, it seemed like it was going to be the worst year in the world, and six months later, our store hit the Powerball".

The ticket matching all six numbers was sold in Southern California, and whoever owns it will claim the 10th largest lottery prize in USA history, the California Lottery said in a statement.

The winning ticket had Sun City residents abuzz.

The lucky numbers drawn Saturday night that will claim the 10th largest lottery prize in USA history are 20-26-32-38-58, and the Powerball number is 3.

The victor can choose to receive the whole jackpot in annuity payments over the course of 29 years, or claim a smaller lump sum up front, according to CNN.

The Powerball jackpot, which was won by a lucky soul in California on Saturday , soared to almost $448 million, after last week's drawing failed to yield a victor for the top prize. The unnamed couple that bought the ticket chose to take the cash payout option of $74 million. Those figures are just the amounts withheld up front; your final tax burden is likely to be even higher.

The odds of winning Saturday's drawing were only one in 292.2 million, according to Powerball.

The reason the jackpot has grown so large is that no one has matched all the numbers since April 1.

Associated Press writer Scott McFetridge contributed from Des Moines, Iowa.