Trump Breaks Silence On Comey: 'WOW, Comey Is A Leaker!'

See? In Trump's view, that's "complete and total vindication".

By referring to "total and complete vindication", the president was likely thinking of Comey's confirmation Thursday that, as NPR's Jessica Taylor reports, "there was no counterintelligence nor criminal investigation of Trump individually and that the president was not personally under investigation".

Trump, who had not posted on his Twitter account since Comey accused the administration of spreading "lies", struck back with an early morning tweet in which he said, "Wow, Comey is a leaker". Comey said that Trump asked him specifically whether he could drop the investigation with respect to Flynn, the former national security adviser whom Trump fired for withholding information about his contacts with foreign governments. "I was sacked in some way to change, or the endeavor was to change, the way the Russian Federation investigation was being conducted". The circumstances of the meeting and Trump's insistence that everyone leave the room before he speak to Comey lend credibility to Comey's testimony and his understanding of Trump's words. The White House has denied any collusion with Moscow.

Republicans have looked to discredit Comey by calling him a "leaker" because of the way he disseminated the information about Trump.

It's not entirely clear from the phrasing, but it appears Trump is accusing Comey of making false statements and lies at the hearing. [Director of National Intelligence Dan] Coats is going to testify that Donald Trump asked him to stop the investigation.

Detailing one-on-one talks with a sitting president - which under normal circumstances are private - Comey said he took painstaking notes for fear Trump might "lie" about the unusual encounters. They're coming after America, which I hope we all love equally.

It's too soon for polls gauging reaction to Comey's testimony yesterday but the clip below that's being circulated by the RNC gives you a clue how it'll go, in case there was a shred of doubt. "As the president publicly stated the next day, he did say to Mr. Comey, quote, 'General Flynn is a good guy, he has been through a lot, ' close quote".

It is unclear when Trump's attorney, Marc Kasowitz, will file the complaints, but the source said they are actively exploring their options.

Trump's personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz issued a statement following Comey's testimony, saying the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director admitted to "unilaterally and surreptitiously" disclosed "privileged communications" with Trump to the media. While Comey said he would welcome the release of tapes, Trump and aides refuse to say whether such tapes exist. Angus King of ME that he had to break a date with his wife when Trump called him for a dinner at the White House.

Comey was likely trying to protect his reputation, said Graham Allison, a Harvard professor who served in the Defense Department under Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

"He said to us point blank: 'I don't even know what that means, a security inquiry".