Wonder Woman 2: A fun and optimistic movie?

Wonder Woman is the fourth-highest grossing action heroine

Gal Gadot clearly approves of her husband's statement, seeing as she's beaming and pointing at the shirt in the photo.

As for how Gadot is feeling these days, she's raising a 3-month-old baby with colic and a 5-year-old who doesn't understand the power of a parent sleeping past 7am.

Gal, who turned 32 in April, has been married to Yaron since 2008, and they've got two daughters: Alma, born in 2011, and Maya, who was born on March 19 this year.

Reports revealed that #Gal Gadot and the movie director Patty Jenkins gained plenty of praises and positive feedback from all moviegoers as "Wonder Woman" brought in a great storyline and shocking twists.

'Went to the garden to get some fresh air with my coffee to help me wake up and now watching The Cat In The Hat with my daughter.

And the good news isn't stopping for Wonder Woman, as the film has now climbed the domestic charts, making Wonder Woman herself the fourth highest grossing action heroine ever (via Box Office Mojo). "He captioned the photo, "#mywife #therealwonderwoman".

Of course she just acts like it's no big deal, because she's Wonder Woman and all. The character of Chris Pine also brings his dose of humor since he has both feet in the war and discovers this woman who tells him that it is made of clay and that it must stop the God of the war.

"Sleepless night", Gadot wrote - her skin looking flawless as ever. The scene where an undercover Diana Prince hides a sword, her precious "Godkiller", in her dress with the grip hanging out of her back confused many.