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Trump says Apple will build 'three big plants, beautiful plants' in the US

Apple (AAPL) is under more pressure than ever to move at least some of its iPhone manufacturing operations to the USA from Asia after President Donald Trump claimed Apple CEO Tim Cook had promised to build three manufacturing plants in the U.S.

Trump said this during an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

While President Trump didn't go into any detail on where the three Apple factories might be located, Foxconn was eyeing investments in Pennsylvania, a state hit hard by job losses. For instance, Cook may have said that Apple's suppliers are building new factories in the U.S., rather than Apple itself.

In the event that Trump's announcement is right, that'd be a major speculation for Apple's sake and a huge change of pace.

Apple already has 80,000 employees in the United States and plans to hire thousands more in the future, according to Cook.

Whether or not the manufacturing plants will be owned by Apple or its suppliers, Trump will likely see it as a success for his administration. During his campaign, Trump called several times for Apple to build its products in the United States. That factory may well produce products for Apple, though it wouldn't be an Apple-owned factory.

Cook told CNBC in May that Apple plans to invest at least $1 billion to support advanced manufacturing companies in the USA, including Corning, which makes glass for iPad and iPhone screens.

We've reached out to Apple and haven't heard back from them.

Apple's commitment to the U.S.

. Apple now gets iPhones assembled in Taiwan with Foxconn which is also considering a manufacturing facility in the US.

CNBC reports Corning, based in western NY, said it would "immediately" invest $500 million and create 1,000 new jobs in the USA related to medical devices - not smartphones or tablets. On Wednesday, Foxconn Technology announced it would open a plant in Wisconsin.