As Exports Grow, China Defends Trade With Sanctions-Hit North Korea

China says upholds UN sanctions as N.Korea trade rises

The official also said, "At present, there are no specific plans for a meeting between the North and South Korean foreign ministers". But even before the test - which Washington and Seoul labeled "destabilizing and unlawful" - Americans and many people in the Asia-Pacific region held negative views of North Korea and its nuclear weapons program. Being together as one huge blessing of God and of all those that gave us all they had to give, and the precious gift of life! With the USA announcement to withdraw from the Paris Agreement for measures against global warming in mind, the G-20 leaders' declaration came out with a policy to promote the climate accord within the remaining 19 countries and regions.It is clear that Trump's "America first" foreign policy has created a crack in the G-20 unity. The "secondary boycott" is a U.S. approach to sanctions wherein the sanctions target businesses and banks of third party countries that trade with North Korea. If you ask someone about North Korea they'll generally reply that the latest provocation is just another example of the kind of posturing that's been going on for decades. China is reluctant to rein in North Korea because it views North Korea as an ally as it competes with the USA for influence in the region.

However, if the UNSC does not respond to the missile launch for an extended period of time, it may provide encouragement to the North Korean regime.

Among the blacklisted officials is the head of North Korea's overseas spying operations, senior members of North Korea's Workers' Party, and heads of trading firms that have funded North Korea's military program.

The Trump administration is stepping up pressure on the regime's overseas trade and procurement networks in an effort to increase financial pressure on Pyongyang to hinder its ability to develop weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them to distant targets. Russian Federation would not be in favor of a larger China. Further, China has slowly reduced Hong Kong's level of autonomy, most likely with the goal of eventually being able to treat the city as it does any other major Chinese city - that is, without the special set of rules and allowances that Hong Kong has enjoyed since Great Britain returned the city to China. It also seeks to blacklist the top 10 Chinese importers of North Korean items.

Trump pledged repeatedly during his election campaign to get tough on Chinese trade practices deemed unfair to the USA, but his rhetoric softened after the friendlier-than-expected April summit with Mr. Xi.

While the scale of Russia's commitment to countering Washington's use of coercive diplomacy against North Korea remains unclear, official rhetoric from the Kremlin suggests that Russia's strategy toward North Korea has become increasingly coherent. He can be followed on Twitter at samramani2 and on Facebook at Samuel Ramani.