Dana White Acknowledges Conor McGregor May Not Return Following Floyd Mayweather Bout

Credit Esther Lin

On Tuesday, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Mayweather and McGregor met face to face at the first leg of their four-stop joint promotional tour.

McGregor donned a slick black suit, which appeared to be pinstriped.

The four-stop tour, which promotes their August 26 boxing match at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, began on July 11 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The pay-per-view price for August's fight has been set at $89.95, which isn't cheap. A few moments later, he made her wildest dreams come true. Despite this being the first boxing match of McGregor's professional career, UFC president Dana White explained why he has a puncher's chance against someone who is 49-0 in their career while making an appearance on Fox Sports' Undisputed.

McGregor, 28, was first to address the gathering of media and 11,000 fans. But I think what you saw was the passion of the McGregor fans.

Mayweather enters the bout 49-0, but hasn't fought since retiring following his win over Andre Berto on September 12, 2015.

Mayweather and McGregor will have their cross-sport bout at T-Mobile Arena on August 26. "Yet, that's exactly what he did, pulling out a check to show the world what a "$100 million fighter" looks like.

The rest was an appreciation of how far McGregor has come, getting his self-named company, McGregor Sports and Entertainment, on the fight poster, which he said was his goal after the UFC was purchased for $4bn. "He gets off a flight from Ireland, looks like he was just fitted at Armani, walks off the plan and says, 'I will knock this man out within four rounds, '" White said on Speak For Yourself.

In case you didn't know.


The boxing champ also belittled McGregor's UFC demographic.

"You have a lot of people on social media with 20 million followers", he said."But they may not have $20,000 in the bank".

It's an allegation Mayweather was quick to deny - sharing an image of a $26 million tax bill on his Facebook page and insisting "my empire is rock solid and intact". "I'm an old man". Extremely badly. Other fighters it usually plays out two ways", said Mayweather "Some guys play it safe and then some like Marcos Maidana go for the kill. "I don't know what that got to do with no racists". No one's kicking me, no one's elbowing me, no one's trying to choke me.