Dying Light still so popular it's getting another year of free DLC

Dying Light

Over 500,000 players still log into Dying Light every week, and to celebrate its perennial popularity, developer Techland has pledged to support the game with another 12 months of free DLC.

As a thank you - and as a lovely demonstration of why people still play - Techland has announced plans to release even more free content, on all platforms, in the next 12 months.

While it feels like the only times we're reporting on Techland's Dying Light is to say its now on sale via Deals with Gold or Steam, the Polish developers have been doing a lot with the title to help fans interested and playing. That's a fantastic number given that most games can't maintain that kind of user engagement after eight weeks of being released. As for what players can expect to receive with this new DLC, things like new enemies, events, mysteries and "much more" are on the horizon. The first update, numbered DLC #0, will be coming in the near future to give Dying Light fans some new enemies and a taste of what's to come. Pretty impressive for a game that's nearly three years old, eh? While I'd personally love to see a full-blown Dying Light 2 happen soon, getting new content for the first game still sounds good.