Everlasting Paris handshake: Trump & Macron bid long farewell

Everlasting Paris handshake: Trump & Macron bid long farewell

Trump ogled the First Lady and said: 'You know, you're in such good shape...lovely.

Jimmy Kimmel winced as he watched video of President Donald Trump interacting with French first lady Brigitte Macron.

It was a great honor to represent the United States at the magnificent #BastilleDay parade.

Macron invited Trump to be the guest of honor at Friday's celebration, which also commemorates the 100th anniversary of the USA entry into World War I.

Trump's appraisal of the French president's wife's physique was caught on a live stream of the tour provided by the French government.

The parade concludes a visit which Mr Macron hoped would boost France's standing on the world stage, despite disagreeing with his American counterpart on policy issues such as climate change.

His objectifying comments about his own daughter and the French First Lady demonstrate that for Trump, a woman's role is to look handsome and be looked at, not to have a brain.

Macron and Trump marked France's national day together today at a military parade in Paris which clearly delighted the U.S. leader and showcased what appears to be a truly warm relationship between them.

Trump and Macron are seen walking down a Paris street backed by a marching band and French flag.

Trump says, "America and France will never be defeated or divided".

A French military band broke from tradition at the Bastille Day parade on Friday, dropping martial music for a rendition of "Get Lucky" by French electro superstars Daft Punk.

And Donald Trump ends his embarrassing trip to France with one last grasp of awkwardness. Trump saluted the detachment as it passed.

At a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Belgium in May, the two world leaders met for the first time and engaged in multiple lengthy and awkward handshakes.

Brigitte was married at the time and when Macron moved to Paris at the age of 18, she jumped ship from her own family soon after and followed him down. Went to Eiffel Tower for dinner.