Firefighters revive dog pulled from burning house

This is the heartwarming moment firefighters revived a dog called Jack after pulling it from a house fire in Bakersfield California

Jack appeared lifeless as a firefighter rescued him from his owner's home on Wednesday in Bakersfield, California.

SF Gate reported that Jack improved over the next 24 hours after suffering respiratory tract injuries and burned paws.

Officials were able to revive the pup, named Jack, using a specialized animal oxygen mask used to resuscitate pets.

The post includes a video clip that shows the dog appearing unresponsive, with his eyes shut and his tiny body slightly quivering but not moving around when a firefighter tries to shake him and get a response.

17 News photojournalist Chuck Dennis caught the moment Jack was revived by an apparatus specifically created to resuscitate pets.

According to the department, the BFD Firefighters also transported Jack to a local veterinary clinic for follow-up assessment and treatment. But we truly do believe that all lives matter and protecting pets, livestock, and wildlife is definitely part of the broader BFD mission in serving the community. "Thank you for your continued support." they write.