Google introduces Hire, a new recruiting app that integrates with G Suite

Google jumps into job recruitment market with new cloud software

By syncing up with Gmail, the service lets employees send messages to candidates with Google Hire or with e-mail.

Through Google Hire, an HR manager can view the schedules of all the employees who will be part of the interview process, thanks to an integration with Google Calendar.

Google has unveiled Hire, a new way for businesses to find and hire job seekers within the familiar confines of G Suite. Hire should also help with logistics, such as scheduling interviews and collaborating with hiring managers. With a mindset of "less is more", the team conducted hundreds of user-testing sessions and worked with early adopter customers for more than a year to simplify and optimize every aspect of the user experience. As a growing organization, recruiting is a top priority for the company.

Google introduced Hire in a blog post today. "Google Hire brings the benefits of collaboration to our recruiting practices, making it a streamlined and personal process for everyone from the applicant to the hiring manager". The missing piece here is giving businesses tools for managing job posting - and maybe posting them directly to Google's new jobs widget in Search.

Google Hire gives businesses the opportunity to manage their hiring efforts through collaboration and messaging tools, such as Gmail, Calendar, and Sheets. Hire addresses the needs of our G Suite customers-making it easier to hire the right people.

Google has been allowing some organizations to test the app for quite some time now, but the Mountain View company is today opening it up to most - specifically US -based businesses under 1,000 employees - that might want to use it.