Instagram allows users to reply to Stories

Insta Update

In other words, you can now show - not tell - your friends how excited you are about their new haircut. It's a feature that has always been offered by Snapchat, and brings Instagram even closer to duplicating the original disappearing stories app. Say your friend is in a video with a particularly attractive guy - now you can freeze frame it, add all of the pointing hand emojis and the text "WHO IS HE?" without ever having to worry about screenshots.

Instagram's is plugging disappearing photo and video messaging right into Stories.

So next time hilarity strikes, you'll be better equipped to respond with an arsenal ranging from selfies to Boomerangs.

Basically, now when you're watching a Story, there's a new camera button at the bottom of the screen. You can use any creative tools in the camera, including face filters, stickers and Rewind. A sticker of the original story will only be visible to the user so that they know to which story the reply was made.

The reply goes straight to the user's inbox, where it is treated like a disappearing photo or video which - shockingly - disappears after viewing. Tap on it to view.

The new feature opens the way for the photo sharing app to "be even more fun and playful when you respond to friends" but may repel a whole lot more people to its rival Snapchat.

This might not be a huge update but it will surely increase the conversational engagement in Instagram Stories. To learn more about photo and video replies, visit