Musk says received 'verbal' OK for NY-DC hyperloop; provides no detail

The billionaire said that combining three Falcon 9 rockets together had multiplied vibrations throughout the vehicle making it difficult to test without a launch

Tesla founder Elon Musk claimed he received "verbal government approval" Thursday for his hyperloop project, a high speed train that would transport passengers from NY to Washington, 29 minutes.

Musk tweeted that he received "verbal government approval" for his Boring Company, a tunnel drilling company he started previous year, to construct a Hyperloop tunnel to connect New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

Billionaire Musk said the system would be "city centre to city centre" and go travel more than 300 miles from NY to Washington in 29 minutes.

Each city center would have a major hub, "with up to a dozen or more entry/exit elevators", Musk said, adding that "support would be much appreciated!".

The Department of Transportation did not immediately return request for comment. Theoretically, the electric trains could reach near-supersonic speeds of over 700 miles per hour - more than 100 miles per hour faster than maglev trains popular in Asia.

While the hyperloop is Musk's idea, he hasn't taken on the project personally. And The Boring Company digging the tunnels doesn't necessarily mean the rail itself will get built: Estimates have put the cost of the Hyperloop at more than $100 million per mile.

So, for the previous year, Musk has been exploring the possibility of digging tunnels. The Boring Company's main goal is to construct tunnel networks beneath (and, eventually, between) traffic-choked cities such as Los Angeles, enabling speedier travel.

When the SpaceX and Tesla founder revealed the details of his future vision for The Boring Company, however, he described a network of underground tunnels that would transport goods on sleds, and that could offer transportation for cars, cargo and more, using Hyperloop as one potential conveyance option. He is also a backer of so-called hyperloop systems, which move pods at high speeds through vacuum-sealed tubes. But Musk said the company will come up with another way to land vehicles on the Martian surface. It's unconfirmed if Musk's mention of "hyperloop" in his tweet signifies that The Boring Company would be heading up a project that would go beyond tunneling and implement Hyperloop technology. "They will never let you down".

Apparently, local officials in charge of the cities involved were not looped into the conversation; New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's press secretary tweeted that "this is news to City Hall".