New NBA uniforms eliminate traditional home and road concept

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The NBA is eliminating its traditional home and away uniforms next season, replacing the two garb designations with a slate of four uniforms as part of its new deal with Nike Inc.

The company hinted recycled plastic might play a role in the new jerseys when it included the material in its uniforms for the United States basketball team during the 2016 Olympics.

Aside from being constructed out of Alpha Yarns and recycled polyester (with each uniform representing 20 recycled PET bottles), the new Nike uniforms have been created to remove moisture 30% faster than today's tops, hence, faster drying time. The uniforms have been designed after much research, 3D-body mapping technology and they have been upgraded with new lighter, moisture-removing fabric.

"The mental advantage of a quality uniform is priceless", Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving tells Nike. "I'm excited for the new fit and feel".

1, Nike will be the new sporting apparel company for the National Basketball Association.

Side-by-side comparison of old and new Warriors jerseys, showing new collar and what appears to be thinner numerals (h/t @darrenrovell). The first two editions are the Association and Icon Edition.

The Icon Edition represents the team on the road and its rich heritage and iconic identity. There will be eight other teams in the league with "classic" color ways. Every team will choose a home uniform - it will not necessarily follow traditional lines of design or be white in color - and the visiting team can opt to wear one of its four designs provided that uniform selection doesn't blend with the home team.

A lot of changes are coming to the NBA's uniforms beginning this 2017-2018 season, with the most impactful addition being the introduction of on-jersey advertisements. Nike says this uniform set "celebrates some of the most iconic uniforms in league history", which just sounds like jargon-speak for "throwbacks".