Ready Player One Trailer

First trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One looks like sci-fi heaven

We just simply was unaware of what Ready Player One was, but we think you agree after watching the following trailer any of you that are movie fans will, at the very least have your intrigue peaked.

For those unfamiliar, Ready Player One centers around the main character Wade Watts (played by Tye Sheridan) who spends his time in a virtual world known as OASIS. But, Steven Spielberg not only had a talent search. The upcoming film, released in March 2018, is based on Ernest Cline's ground-breaking 80s throwback novel of the same name, and is directed by Steven Spielberg as he makes a return to science fiction. He lives in the Stacks and calls his generation 'the missing millions.' Throughout the years, there has been one thing that he keeps close to his heart, and that's the world of OASIS, a virtual world where you can be anyone, do anything and live how you see fit.

In terms of stereotypes, one day it'd be nice if the main gamer wasn't a single, socially awkward, lanky male whose gaming love interest is an overtly tech-savvy, dismissive female.

Zak Penn wrote the screenplay.

"I grew up watching this man's movies and studying them", said Cline. What I mean by that is - I have not read the book yet.

The much-anticipated ode to geek culture, Ready Player One, is already a big hit at San Diego Comic-Con.

Spielberg said he had relished directing a sci-fi about the "dystopian" world people would be living in 30 years in the future 2045. He grew up on Spielberg's films, which informed how he evolved as a writer.

Anticipation has been running rampant for Ernest Cline's popular novel READY PLAYER ONE ever since the movie rights were picked up.